Noam Chomsky Interview With Andrew Marr (BBC)

BlueRat presents the now infamous interview between Chomsky and Andrew Marr of the BBC, in which Chomsky explains to the disbelieving journalist how the media serve power interests. Notably, Marr offers the Watergate example of how the media are independent. Chomsky disagrees. Why hasn’t Marr heard of CoIntelPro then? This interview dates back to the late 1990s and was originally broadcast on The Big Idea in Britain. (approx 30 mins)

Chomsky and Hitchens Interview

Noam Chomsky and Christopher Hitchens, arguably the two most prominent public intellectuals of recent years, participated in the following radio discussion. The focus falls on how the media frame “mainstream” debate and stifle opposition to received doctrines. Duration: 5 x 10 minutes (audio only).